My Uzi Weighs A Ton Review!


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On June 22, 2012
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Unless you are a newcomer to cigars, or simply trying to look cool, we would recommend starting with another of Drew Estate's cigars, the Undercrown. A much more flavorful cigar at the same price point seems like a clear choice to us.

Brand:   Drew Estate                 Country:  Nicaragua
   Size:   Robusto 5×60              Wrapper:  Maduro
 Price:   $8.90 (Buy)


The Label Factor:

You know the mold? Well it’s broken with this one. You won’t find a shiny embossed label on the My Uzi. Instead you find a substantial text-based label that was interesting enough to lure us in. The name of this cigar is a full sentence, so you need a pretty large label just to fit everything on there.

It was hard to judge this book by its cover because it’s unlike any other covers I’ve seen. In the end, the label leaves you with a strong, bold impression. Very much the opposite of the impression left by the cigar itself.

My Uzi Burn

What We Liked:

The best thing you can say about the My Uzi is that it feels right. Coming in at a substantial 5×60 size, this thing certainly doesn’t appear to be messing around.  The maduro wrapper is rich in color and has small veins throughout. We had no problems with the cut, though we used a large punch because we don’t like the nervousness and inexactness (that’s a word) that comes with a regular cigar cutter.  If you are looking for a cigar to compensate for lack of manliness, you could certainly do worse than a My Uzi Weighs A Ton.

Upon taking the obligatory sniff, we were treated to a sweet smell that got us excited for what was to come. The aroma was rich with what to the untrained nostrils, appeared to be a rounded vanilla/caramel nuance.

Using the punch, we experienced a very smooth draw that allowed for an easy smoking experience on a hot day. This isn’t the smokiest cigar you will find but we don’t consider that to be a negative thing.

My Uzi burned down

What We Didn’t Like:

It is always difficult for us to determine if burn problems are the result of a poor job lighting a cigar, or an issue in manufacturing. That being said, this cigar did pretty well. We experienced only minor burn problems and those came primarily towards the end of the stick.

Before even taking the first puff, we had high expectations. The cigar has a lot going for it: solid construction with a beautiful, dark wrapper and a heavenly aroma.  Plus, it comes from one of our favorite manufacturers — Drew Estate. Sadly, the highlights of this cigar all came pre-light. Just to be clear, it wasn’t a bad smoke. I guess that’s the gist of the review — it was a “not bad” cigar. I don’t usually get too excited over things that are “not bad.”

Here’s where this particular cigar fell short: flavor. Again, it’s not that the My Uzi had a bad flavor, but rather, it didn’t have any flavor. Have you ever smoked a cigar that just tasted… watery? That’s the first thing that came to mind with the My Uzi. I don’t think that’s a particularly good quality for a cigar to have. Watery. Come to think of it, unless you’re describing a swimming pool, I can’t think of a scenario where “watery” is a compliment.

Flavor, to us, is the most important aspect of any cigar and while you don’t get a whole lot of flavor with the Uzi, the little you do get isn’t bad. If you are new to cigar smoking and  afraid to jump into darker cigars, this would be a perfect place to start. For those looking for a richer, deeper flavor experience, you can do much better with the Drew Estate Liga Privada line.

Should You Buy/Try It:

Tough to say but we would lean towards “No.” Unless you are a newcomer to cigars, or simply trying to look cool, we would recommend starting with another of Drew Estate’s cigars, the Undercrown. A much more flavorful cigar at the same price point seems like a clear choice to us.

Interested in trying the My Uzi Weighs A Ton? You can purchase it here.

Overall: ★★★☆☆

2 thoughts on “My Uzi Weighs A Ton Review!

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  2. I picked up a MUWAT the other day after finding (finally) a B&M that stocks a fair bit of Drew Estate products, and had a nearly identical experience as you did. “Watery” is about the perfect word for it, even though that would seem to make no sense. I just expected much more in terms of flavor and smoke production from a stick with UZI in the title and weighing in at such a large size/thickness… especially from Drew Estate. I also think that 60 is about my limit in terms of gauge size… if I feel like I need to make a conscious effort to get my mouth around the damn thing, something’s wrong!

    Bottom line, It was nice to try, but it’s not a stick that will be making regular appearances in my humidor.

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