Man O’War Ruination Review!

Review of: Ruination

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On July 1, 2012
Last modified:September 26, 2012


In terms of bang for your buck, that is absolutely unbeatable. We could not recommend this cigar more highly.

Brand:   Man O’War                 Country:  Ecuador
   Size:   Robusto 5×50            Wrapper:  Habano
 Price:   $7.00-$11.00 (More on this below)

The Label Factor:

With a name like Man O’War Ruination, a less than stellar label would not suffice.  Thankfully, the entire Man O’War line of cigars come wrapped in some of the coolest and most eye-catching labels you will find.  A spartan helmet adorned above the cigars name will impress anybody; smoker or otherwise.

What We Liked:

The first thing you need to do when taking a Ruination out of a humidor is bring that badboy to your nose. You don’t want him (your nose) to miss this.  A sweet and creamy tobacco flavor will fill your nostrils and you will want to light up more than anything. Hopefully you brought a lighter. Or two sticks to rub together to make fire.

We can’t stress enough how madly in love we are with punch cutting. It really takes all the guess work out of cutting a cigar and is especially great for newcomers. With the Ruination, we experienced a beautifully smooth draw that produced lots of creamy white smoke.

While many cigars can be harsh on the light, the Ruination is the opposite. Smooth and creamy with light chocolate notes. Perhaps they should rename it; The Man O’War Smooth and Creamy with Chocolate Notes. Nailed it.

About an inch and a half in, you will be treated to a subtle spice flavor that lasts for another inch or so before handing the reigns back over to the smoothness and creaminess through to the finish.

What We Didn’t Like:

Using matches to light this stick gave us a very solid and even burn with only one small hiccup; about halfway through, the cigar went out and a relight was necessary. After a good solid purge, it was back up and running like a luxury station wagon.

Should You Buy/Try It

There aren’t many cigars that we will smoke until our hands burn, but the Ruination is one of them.  We know the MSRP is high, but if you use CigarBid(and if you don’t, WTF), you can occasionally find these in FreeFall auctions as low as $3.25 per stick. In terms of bang for your buck, that is absolutely unbeatable. We could not recommend this cigar more highly.

Overall: ★★★★½