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On August 13, 2012
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I do think that there are tastier cigars in this overly crowded $5-$7 price range, but I enjoyed it and you probably will too.

Brand: La Aurora                  Country: Dominican Republic
   Size: Corona 5 1/2 x 43    Wrapper: Habano
 Price:  $6.65 (Buy)

The Label Factor

My desire to smoke a La Aurora started because of the label.  It gives off both a Lion King and MGM vibe.  MGM makes James Bond films, so this label is like James Bond and Simba getting together.  If that sounds like something you might be interested in, keep reading.

What We Liked

I haven’t had much luck finding La Aurora smokes in local B&M’s.  Luckily, I received this cigar as part of a trade on Reddit — and I’m sure glad I did.

The first thing that stuck out to me when pulling this out of the humidor was the size.  I typically go for a Robusto sized cigar as I feel it is the perfect size and length.  This corona comes a little longer than that but also with a smaller diameter.  I really like this.  It feels good to hold and because of the smaller ring, taking draws was silky smooth. This resulted in a fantastic and an even burn.

As seems to be common, especially in this mid-level sticks, the cigar starts off with a very light peppery sweetness.  When done right, this can be a dynamite way to start of a smoke and I am happy to report, this is done right.  After an inch or so, you will be treated to a delicious earthy taste with some slight nuttiness. There wasn’t a whole lot more flavor to be found here but I enjoyed what was provided for the entirety of the smoking experience.

What We Didn’t Like

This may go against the grain but I like to enjoy a cigar while I am smoking it. I don’t want to continue to enjoy that cigar aftertaste for the next 24 hours. With the La Aurora 107, I couldn’t avoid it. Now, before you go claiming that I didn’t brush my teeth well enough, let me just tell you that the last time I went to the dentist, he told me that I have excellent brushing habits. He even gave me a lollipop as I left. There were three teeth brushing occurrences between this cigar and leaving for work in the morning and I could still taste it. This seems excessive.

Should You Buy/Try It

My only real gripe with the cigar is the aftertaste.  On most cigars I smoke, this simply isn’t a problem and if you happen to be an every day smoker, then this is probably irrelevant.  I do think that there are tastier cigars in this overly crowded $5-$7 price range, but I enjoyed it and you probably will too.

Interested in trying the La Aurora 107? You can purchase it here.


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