Liga Privada Undercrown Review!

Gran Toro

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On September 7, 2012
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This is one of the best cigars I have smoked in the $5-$8 price range. If you use CigarBid, or attend Drew Estate Events, you can catch some pretty good deals on these. The Undercrown is the definition of a box-worthy cigar and will be a staple of my humidor for the foreseeable future.

Brand: Drew Estate                 Country: Nicaragua
   Size: Gran Toro 6 x 52        Wrapper: San Andres
 Price: $7.95 (Buy)

Liga Undercrown Full

The Label Factor:

I’ll come right out and say it: the Undercrown has my favorite label. It’s simple and somehow mysterious. Why a lion? Did you ever notice the crown under the lion?  It’s an under-crown. Yah, so I am rambling about the label. It’s pretty slick. But what about the cigar? Well, the cigar is definitely something special. I am trying to be careful to give this a balanced review. There is a lot of hype surrounding the Undercrown and my mission is to determine whether the hype is justified. Mission: Accomplished. Answer: The hype is justified.

Liga Undercrown Just Started

What We Liked:

First of all, the Undercrown is built well. The chocolate brown wrapper has some noticeable veins but my burn was even all the way until my fingers burned. Using the trusty punch, the stick produces a ton of creamy white smoke with a great draw. Smoking such a smokey cigar makes me feel like a badass. The Undercrown is a cigar for badasses.

Now let’s talk about the most important aspect — the flavor. Off the light, my first impressions were of coffee and leather. There was a subtle hint of spice that was a perfect balance to the sweet creaminess. I have a lot of good things to say about this cigar. In fact, I was in my local cigar shop and a curious looking fellow in the humidor asked if I had ever smoked an Undercrown. He was probably not expecting the fifteen minute review I went on to give him. It was awkward for everybody involved, but I am passionate about this cigar. Because it is delicious.  And smoky. So much smoke!

Liga Undercrown Halfway

What We Didn’t Like:

I like cigars with complexity. The Undercrown, while delicious and creamy and a little bit sweet, never really gets too complex. The flavor profile is pretty stable all the way down to the nub. I wouldn’t categorize this as an interesting smoke. The flavor you get in the first third of the cigar is what you’re stuck with until the end. I know it’s a bit of a stretch, and not entirely a bad thing, but I needed to write something in this section…

When I pick up more of these in the future, I will grab a smaller size. To me, the Gran Toro takes a little more time than I like to commit to smoking a cigar. If I hit the two hour mark of a single cigar, I start to get antsy in the pantsy and the experience is lessened a bit. This doesn’t affect how I am rating the stick but I will buy a smaller vitola in the future.

Liga Undercrown Smoked Low

Should You Try/Buy It:

Hell. Yes. Awesome label? Check. Great flavors? Check. Reasonably priced? Check. Feeling badass? Check. This is one of the best cigars I have smoked in the $5-$8 price range. If you use CigarBid, or attend Drew Estate Events, you can catch some pretty good deals on these. The Undercrown is the definition of a box-worthy cigar and will be a staple of my humidor for the foreseeable future.

Interested in trying the Undercrown? You can purchase it here.

Overall: ★★★★½

5 thoughts on “Liga Privada Undercrown Review!

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  2. Don’t you love cigars with a story. According to Lew Rothman, owner of JR Cigars, stories are for suckers to which he gladly concocts some of his own. Now, this goes both ways…There’s probably a kernal of truth in a story and a kernal of truth in a lie. Hey, I just rationalized why I want my cigar to have a story.

    So, for the Liga Undercrown the story goes the torcidors were smoking way too many Liga Privadas to the point there weren’t enough to satisfy the market after they rolled one and smoked three (I’m making this last part up abut the 1 to 3). So Drew Estate encouraged (yeah, lol) the torcidors to invent a new blend with only a portion of their beloved Liga Privada tobaccos. Viola! Liga Undercrown is born and everyone wins!

    Not so fast there fella…Drew is one of the most successful and most compartmentalized cigar companies I know of. I smoke a lot of sticks every week and find it no problem to overlook this brand because I’m simply not into their unique flavor-infused cigars. Yeah, I know they’ve got natural ones like something called the “Dirt” or whatever? And they have a creme de leeche cigar that as far as flavored cigars go doesn’t turn me, personally, off. But with all the excellent Cohibas, Perdomos, Olivas, Padrons, CAOs, and Montecristos to choose from I need a reason to seek out Drew.

    Back to the story thing. Yep, I’m a sucker alreight and the story behind this one got to me. I had to try it first hand so I ordered a box of the belicoso ones and here’s the deal according to, well, me (no mileage guarantee available). This stick is way smoother as it is the closest to “creamy smoke” I’ve ever tasted. What spice there is entirely is tied to how hard you pull and thus how hot you get the draw. Just puffing along is an even succession of recessed leather with mostly cedary smoke. Not really complex, but a cigar I can see the torcidors constantly burning for their “stick-fix”.

    Now here’s why I would recommend trying it. It is so darn easy to enjoy and can be paired with lots of beverages. You don’t need to only have the hoariest smokiest peatiest Scotch, the most aged Whiskey, or even Cuban Coffee to hold up against it. Just grab a Sam Adams and you have two examples of like Goldilocks: “Just Right”! PS: I am not worried about misspelled words because I’m smoking…lol!

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