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Obsidian Mini Corona

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On November 8, 2012
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Overall, you could certainly do worse than the Obsidian but it would be difficult unless you buy your sticks from a grocery store.

Brand: Obsidian                                 Country: Nicaragua
   Size: Mini Corona  4.5 x 44             Wrapper: Brazilian Habano
 Price: $3.50

Obsidian Mini Corona Review

The Label Factor:

Points for originality here.  The black label on this Obsidian Mini Corona covers most the cigar and gives the whole thing a dark, mysterious, semi-goth look.  As a fan of dark, oily cigars, I initially was drawn to this stick by the label.  I mistook the label for the wrapper and was shocked to see such a dark black cigar.  Well, turns out I am dumb and the label is just humongous.   The Obsidian definitely has some curb appeal though.  Dark label with a cool white logo really made this cigar stand out on the shelf when I was shopping around at the Cigars International B&M in Easton PA the other week. I’m a sucker for good marketing so I picked up a few.

If I have to complain here, I would say that I like to smoke a cigar with the label on.  No good reason for this other than it makes me feel cooler to smoke with a label.  In my world, 90% of the things I do, I do to look cool.

Obsidian Mini Corona Review - Just Lit

What We Liked:

Hmm.  This is tough.  I liked that it was 70 degrees and sunny outside while I smoked this. I like that it didn’t explode when I put it in my mouth.  I liked the label.

Obsidian Mini Corona Review - Halfway

What We Didn’t Like:

I bought this cigar because of the cool and original label style.  I now understand a little better why they choose to cover up the entire stick.  This is not a pretty cigar and you can see that clearly in the photos.  There are blemishes in multiple spots and huge, thick veins protrude throughout.  I have to give them a bit of credit though, my burn turned out fine.

Maybe it’s because my last smoke was an ultra-smooth Man O’War Armada, but this Obsidian was harsh.  There are strong flavors of pepper and spice with a cardboard-like edge to it all that will linger on your palette for an unwelcome amount of time.  If you like really harsh flavors that you can taste in the morning, this is a cigar for you. Likewise, if you think you might want the taste of burnt cigar in your mouth 24 hours from now, go ahead and smoke an Obsidian immediately and you’ll be all set.

I don’t like being a cigar downer, but I didn’t find this to be a very enjoyable smoke.  I mean, I would rather smoke this cigar than nothing at all, but I can’t imagine a scenario where I would reach for another Obsidian over just about anything I have ever smoked.

Obsidian Mini Corona Review - Smoked Low Should You Buy/Try It:

My first thought after smoking was that this was a cigar for beginners.  I quickly realized that was a stupid thought.  What better way to discourage a new smoker than to give them a harsh cigar with unpleasant, lingering flavor?  Better to spend a few more bucks and give them something that won’t send them running for the mouth wash.

You could certainly do worse than the Obsidian but it would be difficult unless you buy your sticks from a grocery store.

Overall: ★★½☆☆

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