Pairing Test: Ron Mexico

Ron Mexico Beer Pairing Setup

The Setup:

A cigar of Ron Mexico caliber demands a great drink pairing.  So, I did what any rational person does in this situation and bought the best beers I could find…at the local gas station.  I must say, I think the gas station attendant really appreciated my taste in refreshment.

Coors Light:

If I have learned anything from watching football, it’s that Coors Light is cold.  I think it says a lot about a beer where the standout advertised feature is the temperature.  The bottle I was drinking had a special “2 Stage Cold Activation” and I am pleased to say that I was drinking from stage two; “Super Cold.”

Every time that I drink Coors Light, I feel like I am drinking water with a beer-flavored Crystal Light packet mixed in.  The beer flavor is only a backdrop to the liquid.  It isn’t overstated or overpowering.

Colt 45:

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this at the local Shell station.  What are the odds of finding the Vintage 45 edition of Colt?  I grabbed it quickly, as there were only a half dozen or so more bottles in the cooler and you know they go fast. There was a gentleman sitting outside the gas station enjoying the very same drink, albeit wrapped in a brown paper bag.  Had I known there would be a fellow connoisseur on site, I would have brought an extra Ron Mexico to share.

As for the Colt 45, the maltiness here is really what steals the show.  So much malt.  What you end up with is this malt thing that really blends with the earth and cardboard.  Cardboard, earth and malt. Yum.

Busch Ice:

Never having had the privilege of drinking any “ice” beer (my college experience was subpar), I jumped at the opportunity to try Busch Ice.  The only information I could glean from the can is that it’s “ice-brewed for exceptional smoothness.” Excellent.

The smoothness here cannot be overstated.  In fact, it is so smooth, you would swear that you were drinking water.  Now that I look back on it, maybe it was water.  Regardless, the water goes really well with the hay flavor of the Ron Mexico and gives me a closer connection to my inner horse.

Miller Lite:

Another beer that needs no introduction is Miller Lite. The big feature here is the “triple hop brewing” and I gotta say, this is marvelous. Those three hops work together in a magical way to really bring out the cardboard from the Ron Mexico. Had this only been double hopped, the impact would have been lessened substantially, by approximately one third.

The 2010 winner of Best American Light Lager at the Great American Beer Festival really doesn’t disappoint.  You get a somewhat pilsner-like taste that never fills you up, so you can make it through the whole Ron Mexico with ease.

Ron Mexico Pairing Aftermath

The Winner:

With drinks this good, you can’t lose.  If I have to pick one, the edge would go to the Colt 45.  Smoking a Ron Mexico while pounding a 40 is one of life’s great pleasures and you would be doing yourself a disservice not to experience it.  So next time you’re at the local B&M and see a group of guys enjoying an old-scotch and a full-bodied, well-aged cuban, have a seat next to them, crack open a bottle of Colt 45 and light up that Ron Mexico.  You’ll feel like the classiest guy in the room – guaranteed.

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  1. You are now my first cigar blog I’m “following.”

    I’ve never had a reason to follow one before, they’re boring.

    I just really like your sense of humor and writing style, keep it up!

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