Cigar Nubs Top Ten Giveaway

Cigarnubs is turning one! To celebrate, we’re hosting a giveaway of our favorite cigars from the past year. Take a peek at our leader board; we’re giving away one each of our top ten. This includes some insanely good stuff. Take a look:

Cigar Nubs Top Ten Giveaway

We’re so excited about this offering, we’re even opening up entry to our Canadian friends up north! Enter now for your chance to win one each of our favorite cigars reviewed in the last year:

1. Ashton ESG 22 Year Salute
Complex and smokey.

2. Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig
Smooth as hell.

3. Four Kicks Mule Kick
Smoked to extinction.

4.  Liga Privada Dirty Rat
Small in stature, big in flavor.

5.  Opus X XXX
So good, you can’t find them.  (Subbed here for the Opus X Perfecxion No.4 because we don’t have any XXX and can’t find any! If you complain, you are disqualified).

6.  Liga Privada No. 9
A dark and smokey rock star.

7.  Padron 1964 Anniversary
Sweet and full.

8.  Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project
A sleeper – creamy and smooth and available on the cheap!

9.  Headley Grange
Rich, natural tobacco goodness.

10. CyB Cuenca y Blanco
Uniquely sweet and earthy.  Pairs incredibly well with coffee.

A few ground rules:

  • The final drawing will be held on Monday, August 19th
  • You can enter daily for more chances to win
  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter and a resident of the USA or Canada
  • Friends and family of Cigarnubs are not eligible to win. Sorry Dad.

To enter, take a look below.

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87 thoughts on “Cigar Nubs Top Ten Giveaway

  1. Hmmm… first/last question; probably the Dirty Rat first, because that is one of the five I haven’t tried yet, and the one I would be most eager to try; and last, probably the Opus X because … well, damn, Opus X!

  2. Hmmm… probably the Dirty Rat first, because that’s one of the five that I haven’t tried, and the one that just strikes me as the one I’d try first (that, or one of the Crowned Heads); and the Opus X last because, … well damn, Opus X!

  3. I’d smoke the Feral Pig first….saving the Opus X XXX for last seeing as I’ve never seen one live in the flesh.

  4. I would smoke the Feral Pig first as it is my absolutely favorite cigar! I would save the 4 kicks for last since they are gone! Thanks for the contest and happy smokes!

  5. Thanks for the contest, guys – congrats on a year!

    I’d smoke the Mule Kick first because I didn’t enjoy my first experience with it, but everyone seems to love it so I’m dying to give it another chance.

    I’d probably smoke the Opus last because I think Opus get exponentially better with age.

  6. First I would that Padron first thing with some Zaya rum. Gotta try that pairing out! Then I would probably save that Dirty Rat for last. :) Thanks for the contest guys! Great stuff here.

  7. I’d smoke that Dirty Rat first, because it’s ready now and I’ve never had one. That Opus would sit in my box for at least 2 years, and I’d smoke it when I was damn well ready to.

  8. I would smoke either the Headley Grange or the Four Kicks, since I’ve never had a Crowned Heads before. Thanks for the contest!

  9. Which cigar would you smoke first if you won the giveaway? – Headley Grange as I havent had one yet.

    Which would you save for last? The feral pig. Outstanding smoke

  10. I would have to say I would smoke the CyB first.. And save the Opus X for last… Give it some more time to rest… Thanks for the chance!!

  11. That’s an awesome grab-bag of sticks! If I wont ‘em, I’d break into the LP dirty rat first, and probably hold on to the Opus X until graduation.

  12. Now that’s a giveaway! I’d probably smoke that Liga No.9 first, only because I already have one sitting in my humi. The Opus X and Padron would probably be the ones that stick around for quite a while.

  13. First cigar would be the #9, because I hear nothing but awesome things about it. Last one? Depends on the situation, I guess.

  14. I’d definitely smoke the no. 9 first. I’ve been wanting to try one of those for so long and wouldn’t be able to wait. I’d save the Padron 1964 for last because I’d keep it for a really special occasion. All the other sticks look fantastic, the Ashton wouldn’t last long and the Opus X would be so tempting but I’d try to save it for awhile

  15. Which cigar would you smoke first if you won the giveaway?
    Padron 1964 Anniversary
    Which would you save for last?
    Opus X XXX

  16. Nice selection, been dying to try a Dirty Rat and it’d definitely be the first choice! For the last, probably the FFP. I’ve had one before, and it was awesome, but with how hard they are to come by I’d just want to hold on to it for a while.

  17. Phenomenal giveaway. I’d smoke that Mule Kick right away and save that Flying Feral Pig for last.

    Yes this is shameless whoring for an additional entry.

  18. First I would try the Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig as I have not had one. Last would be the Opus X as I’ve found if you let them age(I have a few aging now) they are even better.

  19. I would definitely smoke the Ashton 22 because I’ve never had one and would save the dirty rat for last since it’s my favorite in the line up.

  20. First one I would burn is the Padron… While I’ve had a number of their 3000’s, I’m yet to have one of these “Anniversary” sticks. And I have several Opus XXX’s, while great, the Opus X Perfection #4 is equally awesome! A very reasonable substitute.

  21. I’d probably smoke the Genesis first, simply because I’ve not had anything Ramon Bueso offers- And I may save the ESG or Mule Kick for last, because I can’t seem to get either anywhere.

  22. I would start with one of the Ligas just because they don’t age well IMO. I would save the Opus X for last because they tend to need the most age.

    Love that the Mule Kick is in the bunch. Great line up indeed! Thanks for the contest!

    • I’ve noticed this myself. None of the Ligas in this group have much age on them so they should all be good to go. I recently had a well aged Liga 9 and it wasn’t as good as the others I’ve smoked.

  23. I would likely start off first with the CyB Cuenca y Blanco (with a thermos of coffee per your suggestion) and age both the Liga Privada No. 9 and the Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig for a last minute decision as my top ten smoke.

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  25. Id probably smoke the No 9 first as I’ve already smoked that one. I’d save the Pig and the 4 Kicks. Loved the 4 Kicks Mule Kick

  26. first off, awesome prize pack! The first one I’d smoke is the CyB… I’m not sure why, but when I looked a the lineup, the CyB jumped out as the leadoff hitter… last would be a the Ashton and the Opus… I’d bring them on my upcoming vacation and smoke them on the beach… thanks for the contest!

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