Drew Estate Liga Privada ‘Surgeon’ Safari Blend Review

Brand: Drew Estate              Country: Nicaragua
Size: Toro 6 x 52                 Wrapper: Capa C.T. Habano
Price: Priceless!            No. Smoked: 1

Drew Estate Cigar Safari Cigar Surgeon Review

The Label Factor:

One of the benefits to attending the Drew Estate Cigar Safari is the chance to create your own custom blend. This blend comes from fellow cigar blogger “Cigar Surgeon,” who writes for Cigar Federation. I would have liked to see a little more flair in the band. Is it too much to ask for a Liga Privada label with “Cigar Surgeon” text on it?

Drew Estate Cigar Safari Cigar Surgeon Review Started

What We Liked:

I had read about this stick when the Cigar Surgeon himself reviewed it. He and I arranged a trade for some Headley Grange Drumsticks, and he was kind enough to include this as a bonus. Although there were a few Cuban sticks included in the exchange; I was most excited to light this bad boy up. As weird as it sounds, this is rarest cigar I’ve ever had the pleasure of smoking.

The first half inch is predominantly spice, with just a generic tobacco picking up the rear. Luckily, after ten puffs or so, the spice dies down, and this cigar quickly enters the delicious zone. At this point, the typical Drew Estate smoothness arrives, allowing the pepper to balance the profile.

By the halfway point, the smoothness and pepper are still there, but now accompanied by a sweet earthiness and delicious natural tobacco. There is a subtle woodiness present as well, though it never becomes more than a subtle note in the symphony. As you build towards the finale, the strength picks up and body approaches medium-full to full. This is definitely not a cigar to smoke on an empty stomach. You will regret it.

The Surgeon said he wanted to build upon the Liga Privada T52, and I think he succeeded. I felt the T52 was simply an inferior little brother to the No. 9, but I don’t feel that way about this blend. If these were production sticks, the T52 may be relegated to a stick I never purchase again.

Drew Estate Cigar Safari Cigar Surgeon Review Halfway

What We Didn’t Like:

Unfortunately, these aren’t production sticks. Will I ever smoke this blend again? Will the Cigar Surgeon be able to recreate this on his next trip to Nicaragua?! These are questions that must be answered, and that worries me.

And seriously…get a better label on this guy!

Drew Estate Cigar Safari Cigar Surgeon Review Low

Should You Try/Buy It:

Yes, you should….but you can’t. That really makes me sound like a jerk. Please accept my apologies, as that’s not how I meant it. I don’t know how many of these the Cigar Surgeon was able to bring back from the Safari, but I’m guessing it’s somewhere below twenty. Perhaps one day he’ll use his immense influence to turn this into a cigar that isn’t made just once a year in a batch of ten. But until then, you’ll just have to trust me that this is a quality cigar. Sorry.

Overall: ★★★★½

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