Dirty Daiquiri Cocktail

Dirty Daiquiri Cocktail

The clock reading 8:04 is optional. This drink can be made successfully any time of day.

The Setup:

You know how it is: one day you’re sitting around craving a classic daiquiri only to go to your liquor cabinet and realize you are missing the two most important ingredients: white rum and simple syrup. So what do you do? Well, what any normal person does: you pace back and forth angrily until dark rum and agave nectar start to seem like a viable replacement.


2 parts dark rum – I used Flor De Cana 12 year, which is, admittedly, a ridiculous choice. This is far too fantastic a dark rum to be wasted on cocktails. But, when the cocktail mood strikes, a person can do crazy things. Seriously, though, don’t waste high end dark rum like I did. Trust me, I’m a professional.*

* I am an no way, shape, or form a professional.

3/4 part agave nectar – I used Tres Agaves but any will do just fine.

One lime – half for squeezing fresh juice, other for a slice of garnish.

Note: You may want to eschew the half for garnish. As of this writing, a lime shortage has caused the price of a single lime to soar up to 99 cents. 99 CENTS!! That’s almost $10!!

Not Pictured: the blood, sweat, and tears required to shake the cocktail sufficiently.

Dirty Daiquiri Cocktail Finished

The Dirty Daiquiri


It’s simple; we kill the Batman. Wait, no, wrong blog post. Sorry. Take the rum, agave and fresh squeezed lime juice and throw it into a shaker filled with ice. Shake that shaker like you’ve never shaked a shaker before. Once you feel like you’ve sufficiently shaked the shaker, strain into an ice filled glass and garnish with a slice of lime.


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