Alec Bradley Prensado Review

Brand: Alec Bradley                                    Country:  Honduras
   Size: Gran Toro 6 x 54                             Wrapper:  Trojas Corojo
 Price: $11.75 (Buy)

Alec Bradley Prensado Review
The Label Factor:

This is a gorgeous cigar. It’s not just the label either — the Prensado just looks and feels fantastic. The wrapper reminds me of a dark wood. Mahogany.  It’s a deep brown with some black veins. The golden embossed label really stands out in contrast to the dark wrapper. Really, the Prensado looks like a work of art. Even my fiance, who knows nothing about cigars, saw me lighting this up and said “Oooh, that’s a pretty cigar.” Obviously this girl’s taste in cigar labels is as good as her taste in men.

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Alec Bradley Tempus Review!

Brand:   Alec Bradley                Country:  Honduras
   Size:   Quadrum 5×55           Wrapper:  Criollo
 Price:   $8.15 (Buy)

The Label Factor:

Just because we are fancy and have a cigar blog doesn’t mean we don’t judge sticks by their covers.  In case that reference is more obscure than I think it is, what I mean is, we judge cigars by their labels.  Are we all on the same page now?  Good.  The Alec Bradley Tempus is a gorgeous cigar with an excellent label. That’s it.  End of review.

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