Obsidian Review

Brand: Obsidian                                 Country: Nicaragua
   Size: Mini Corona  4.5 x 44             Wrapper: Brazilian Habano
 Price: $3.50

Obsidian Mini Corona Review

The Label Factor:

Points for originality here.  The black label on this Obsidian Mini Corona covers most the cigar and gives the whole thing a dark, mysterious, semi-goth look.  As a fan of dark, oily cigars, I initially was drawn to this stick by the label.  I mistook the label for the wrapper and was shocked to see such a dark black cigar.  Well, turns out I am dumb and the label is just humongous.   The Obsidian definitely has some curb appeal though.  Dark label with a cool white logo really made this cigar stand out on the shelf when I was shopping around at the Cigars International B&M in Easton PA the other week. I’m a sucker for good marketing so I picked up a few.

If I have to complain here, I would say that I like to smoke a cigar with the label on.  No good reason for this other than it makes me feel cooler to smoke with a label.  In my world, 90% of the things I do, I do to look cool.

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