Cigar Nubs Top Ten Giveaway

Cigarnubs is turning one! To celebrate, we’re hosting a giveaway of our favorite cigars from the past year. Take a peek at our leader board; we’re giving away one each of our top ten. This includes some insanely good stuff. Take a look:

Cigar Nubs Top Ten Giveaway

We’re so excited about this offering, we’re even opening up entry to our Canadian friends up north! Enter now for your chance to win one each of our favorite cigars reviewed in the last year:

1. Ashton ESG 22 Year Salute
Complex and smokey.

2. Liga Privada Feral Flying Pig
Smooth as hell.

3. Four Kicks Mule Kick
Smoked to extinction.

4.  Liga Privada Dirty Rat
Small in stature, big in flavor.

5.  Opus X XXX
So good, you can’t find them.  (Subbed here for the Opus X Perfecxion No.4 because we don’t have any XXX and can’t find any! If you complain, you are disqualified).

6.  Liga Privada No. 9
A dark and smokey rock star.

7.  Padron 1964 Anniversary
Sweet and full.

8.  Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project
A sleeper – creamy and smooth and available on the cheap!

9.  Headley Grange
Rich, natural tobacco goodness.

10. CyB Cuenca y Blanco
Uniquely sweet and earthy.  Pairs incredibly well with coffee.

A few ground rules:

  • The final drawing will be held on Monday, August 19th
  • You can enter daily for more chances to win
  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter and a resident of the USA or Canada
  • Friends and family of Cigarnubs are not eligible to win. Sorry Dad.

To enter, take a look below.

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Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project Giveaway!

We loved the Ramon Bueso Genesis The Project so much in our review that we wanted one lucky reader to experience the excellence of this recent release and so we are giving away a six cigar sampler that comes with a cool ashtray, as is seen here:

The rules are pretty straightforward:

  • You must live in the United States
  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must enjoy good cigars

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Thanks for participating and remember to check back here after Friday, February 8th for the winner!