Blind Root Beer Pairing Test

Blind Root Beer Pairing Test Header

Left to Right: Dr. Browns Original, IBC, Sprecher, Music City 2nd Avenue, Hank’s Gourmet

The Setup:

We have mentioned many times throughout reviews on this site that root beer is an incredible pairing with a cigar. Having only ever tried a few brands, we decided it was high time we grab a few varieties and see which we liked the most. We’re fans of IBC and massive fans of Sprecher, but didn’t want our bias to impact our decision making. The other three root beers were new to both of us.

So, while Nick and I enjoyed the Arturo Fuente Rosado Magnums you see above, a kind helper poured glasses of root beer at random and brought them out to us. The only thing missing was somebody rubbing our feet and fanning us with grape leaves.

And which root beer reigned supreme? Let’s find out…

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