CAO Escaparate Columbia Review

Brand: CAO                                          Country:  Columbia
   Size: Belicoso 6 1/8″ x 52                 Wrapper:  Habano
 Price: $13.00

CAO Columbia Review

The Label Factor:

The CAO Columbia follows the same pattern as the Brazilia (and the America/Italia) here and it works. By using the colors of the Columbian flag, you get a really slick label with vibrant colors. The second band, displaying the name of the B&M where the stick is sold, does a great job of giving the whole cigar a premium look. I don’t know what it takes as a B&M to get your name printed on the label, but I would imagine CAO doesn’t do this for just anyone. For science, I will investigate as to whether they will manufacture a Cigar Nubs line of the CAO Columbia.

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