Emilio Draig K Review

Brand: Emilio Cigars                                         Country: Honduras
Size: Corona 5.5 x 42                                      Wrapper: Columbian Maduro
Price: $9.30

Emilio Draig K Review

The Label Factor:

There is a dragon on the Emilio Draig K. Let me repeat that in case it didn’t sink in; there is a dragon on the Draig K. In my mind, I will now be referring to the Draig K as the “Draig-on K”. The unique design is explained by Gary Griffith in this Emilio Cigars Blog post;

The “K” designation and Welsh theme recognize and honor both my family heritage, and the first initial of my friend Ken, a Welshman who died in a tragic auto accident at about the same time I was finishing this blend. The band was created by a friend of both mine and Ken’s who happens to be a children’s book illustrator, thus the pastel colors.

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