CyB Cuenca Y Blanco Review

Brand: Joya De Nicaragua                  Country: Nicaragua
Size: Robusto Deluxe 5.2 x 50            Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Price: $8.35 (Buy)

Cuenca Y Blanco CyB Review

The Label Factor:

I know enough Spanish to be dangerous. Typically, when attempting to speak it, I either freeze up completely or inadvertently insult someone’s mother. Regardless, when I first saw this label, I translated it to “Basin and White,” which I think is a pretty great name. After doing a bit of research, I came to realize that the Cuenca Y Blanco refers to the names of Alejandro Martínez Cuenca and Jose Blanco, the owner and VP of Joya De Nicaragua, respectively. The stick has since been rebranded to simply “CyB”, and the labels have been updated to the same.

I do like the style of the label, as it reminds me of a championship belt you would see a Luchador wear in a wrestling match. Combined with a nice color scheme, you have a very attractive label that gets the CigarNubs seal of approval, whatever that is worth.

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