Hoyo de Monterrey Reposado en Cedros Review!

Brand:   Hoyo de Monterrey                 Country:  Dominican Republic
   Size:   Marco – 6 1/4 x 49                  Wrapper:  Sumatra
 Price:   $7.29 (Buy)

The Label Factor:

I want to be the guy responsible for naming cigars.  That seems like a fun job.  I would name my cigars after dinosaurs.  The Cigar Nubs Velociraptor would be my crown jewel.  Anyway, in this case, the “Reposado en Cedros” is actually Spanish for “wrapped in many badass labels.”  Well, it could be.  This cigar looks like a work of art festooned with a variety of classy looking pizazz.  Can the underlying cigar live up to the flashy labels?  Well, it depends.  Do you like being hit in the face with cedar?

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